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Our Story

!!nerdy Owners, Cynthia and Gavin 

!!nerdy’s goal is to help all those who code to take part in our community — despite being physically distanced with our new remote work environments

Our designs aim to bridge the divide between engineering and design. This is encapsulated by our two co-founders, Cynthia, a designer at Shopify, and Gavin, an engineer at Thinkific. Together they make up the combination of design and dev; both excited about their future together.

The idea was born with the onset of COVID-19, and the change it brought to our workplace environments and relationships. Most of us within the tech landscape now welcome remote life as we transition.

Gavin and Cynthia are both proponents of the tech lifestyle that comes with the daily stand-ups, team meetings and events. Although all these virtual gatherings were able to continue, they saw that the new way of working was missing the “watercooler chat.

Those valuable conversations, big or small, that can provoke a laugh, thought or debate that connects us to our incredible tech community together— this is what we hope to carry through our thoughtful designs.

What’s most important to our owners is the quality of the product and service you’ll receive. That’s why, we stand behind each product that goes through our checkout.

We source our materials and services from the best in industry suppliers that have locations around the world, and we insist on only selling premium quality products as our base. Our handcrafted designs are original and are influenced by your feedback. With that being mentioned, we consistently test different suppliers and networks to ensure that you get the greatest value.